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25% discount from all restaurants in Holiday Inn Salmiya for ABCK Members


EDGE Fitness Center


We are dedicated to go above and beyond in order to provide the best possible health and fitness experience to our guests with devoted 1,500m² of fitness facilities we as well offer a wide range of programs, service and equipment will provide a total solution to your individual health and fitness needs.


On-Site our team of highly certified trainers and professional Health Club receptionist is ready to welcome and take you on tour to our facilities which include:


– 24 Hour Operations – Thermal Regulated Outdoor Swimming Pool – Wide selection of Cardiovascular exercise machines – A Dedicated weightlifting & Bodybuilding workout area – Separate spa facilities including Sauna, Steam & Jacuzzi for male and female – Professional Massage Services – Professional Instructors to assist and design your exercise program according to your needs – More than 10 different fitness classes dedicated for adults and kids.


Enclosed is Edge 24 Hour Fitness Rates for 2017 which we are honored to present to your company. For any inquiries or further clarification, please feel free to contact me, Hani Darwish- Health Club Manager at +96590027767 or at +96525760950.


A ) Membership Rates Offer*


Kind Of Membership   Standard Rate   Corporate Rate Duration
Single Male KD 479 KD 395 One Year
Single Female KD 445 KD 370 One Year
Couple Membership KD 779 KD 645 One Year
1st child below 12 years old KD 150 KD 95 One Year
2nd child below 12  years old KD 150 KD 90 One Year
3rd child below 12 years old KD 150 KD 85 One Year
Kids 15-16  years olds KD 190 KD 127 One Year
1 month single KD 110 KD 99 1 month
3 months single KD 160 KD 127 3 months
6 months single KD 260 KD 213 6 months
6 months couple KD 429 KD 375 6 months


Corporate Members can avail of the additional benefits offered on Complimentary Basis, these are: –


  • Invitation for Member’s Family & Friends (maximum of 5 invitations per person valid for 60 days and subject to Redemption Policy)
  • Assessment and Goal Session – Diet Plan Session – Exercise Program Session
  • Aerobics Class (Subject to availability of slot)
  • Wi-Fi in the Gym and Poolside
  • 25% discount at the Swimming Pool Bar
  • 25% discount in all in-hotel restaurant


Program   Duration  Corporate Rate 
Fit Life Program
Single Member 2 Months 213 KD
3 Months 289 KD
Couple Members 3 Months 499 KD
Transformation Program 
Single 2 Months 213 KD
3 Months 289 KD
Couple Members 3 Months 499 KD
All In 30 Fitness Program
Single Member 2 Months 149 KD
75 Days 225 KD
Couple Members 3 Months 410 KD
Lose & Shape 
Single Member 5 Months 545 KD
Couple Members 5 Months 900 KD
Elite VIP Package 
Single Member Program of Your Choice + 6 Months Membership Subscription 650 KD
Single Member Program of Your Choice + One Year Membership Subscription 900 KD



All “Reshape Your Life” Programs are accomplished by a pre-assessment session including:


  • Personal Fitness Level (Body Weight, Height, Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, BMR)
  • Proper Fat Burning Program
  • Complimentary Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Progress Report For Each Member


* Fitness and Personalized Training Program Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Contract Terms & Conditions Outline:


  • Offer is valid when a group of employees joined together (minimum of 5 employees)
  • Members who subscribe within this offer are entitled to full access to the fitness facility
  • Contract offer is valid from date of contract is signed until 31st December 2017 and subject to renewal with a new signed contract for the current year.


Contract Agreement :


The offered rates and terms and condition shall take effect upon receiving the signed copy of Edge 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Contract Offer no later than 72 hours.


Contract Termination:


The signed Corporate Contract Offer is subject to termination by either party should any of the party failed to deliver any of the mentioned Terms and Condition and Service with written notice of 30 days.

First party, reserves the right to terminate the offer should it find the member doing misconduct posing risk to others and the business.

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