Dear ABCK Members and Friends:

It is my pleasure to welcome you as the new Chair of the American Business Council Kuwait.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to be elected the first woman Chair in the thirty year history of ABCK! I hope as ABCK grows and evolves as a dynamic and involved business community, we will see membership growing. Apart from two new Board members, we have seen new corporate members and individuals joining our ranks and I hope my appointment will encourage more new women members to participate.

As we enter a new era of growth and opportunity for ABCK, we are always looking at ways of improving our vision and mission. We have recently opened our membership to Kuwaitis who are alumni of US Universities; ABCK is thrilled to offer them the opportunity to meet with a diverse range of business leaders all with vast experiences. It is also a great chance for industry veterans to listen to their voices.

For this upcoming year, our plan is to not only to increase membership but also to provide an atmosphere of collaboration. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the efforts of the Board of Directors to develop and encourage greater participation from American and Kuwaiti corporate and professional entities.

As we now live in a digital age, ABCK will be reworking its website to give members a better and more interactive platform through which members can connect with each other, recognize our corporate members and disseminate business information. We will also be visible on Social Media— just some of the efforts that ABCK is making to enhance the Council.

Speaking for the entire Board of Directors, I must express our gratitude and appreciation for the kind and generous assistance from the United States Embassy in Kuwait, the Commercial Office and staff.

In the next year I look forward to collaborating with you in our events, committees, and focus groups. Thank you all for your continued support and feel free to contact us.

Dr. Juliet Dinkha
Chair, American Business Council Kuwait

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