Chairman’s message

Dear ABCK Members and Friends, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you as the Chair of the American Business Council Kuwait.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to be elected last year’s first woman Chair, and to continue my role as the chair for the coming year. As we enter a new era of growth and opportunity for ABCK, we are always looking at ways of improving our vision and mission. I hope ABCK continues to grow and evolve in its involvement by creating diversity within the business community.

It has been a great year of growth and change for ABCK.  Both our individual and corporate membership is growing monthly. We have developed a new website, in which we continue to modify and update constantly. We look forward to the exchange of ideas of Kuwaitis who graduated from American universities and help develop a stronger relationship with their American counterparts.  Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the efforts of the Board of Directors to develop and encourage greater participation from American and Kuwaiti corporate and professional entities.

As we now live in the digital era, we have opened membership not only to Americans but to anyone who has attended any American educational system, and we actively encourage them to join ABCK. ABCK has reworked its website to give members a better and more interactive platform through which members can connect with each other, recognize our corporate members and disseminate business information. We created new social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to stay in touch and create awareness with our own community but also the Kuwait community as a whole.

We held successful events from our sold-out Christmas Party (2016) to the memorable Gala (2017) to our annual golf tournament (2017), and finally the well attended Iftar general meeting in June (2017). We continue to build strength upon strength.  Keeping in touch with the local market, we focused this year on entrepreneurs and privatization with our monthly general business meetings. These events were also of high interest and success. For the first time ever in Kuwait, ABCK participated in a joint business council event and worked with five other business councils in planning and executing the BF6 Summit 2017 that was held in Kuwait.  This event was so successful, that the BF6 are already planning a networking night later this year and another panel discussion next year. In our recent election, four new board members were elected including a woman. I will continue to support more women members to participate with other business counsels in Kuwait.


As you can see, this past year has been a really successful year for ABCK with the support of our board of directors, sponsors and members, and, of our course, the ABCK office team.


I must express our gratitude and appreciation for the kind and generous assistance from the United States Embassy in Kuwait, the Commercial Office and staff.

In the next year I look forward to continue our collaboration with the community, and thank you all for your continued support.


Dr. Juliet Dinkha