Kuwait Military Contracts

Ministry of Defense
Website: www.mod.gov.kw

Kuwait’s constitution forbids offensive war, but the defense of the homeland and the preservation of its independence and sovereignty is a sacred duty.

Based on this principle, the Ministry of Defense has provided the armed forces with modern technology and equipment of war fighting. Military service in Kuwait is compulsory for all Kuwaiti male citizens who have attained 18 years of age; they spend two years in the army. The period is reduced to one year for university graduates. The Ministry of Defense and the Army leadership use the most modern systems such as computers and microfilms for preparing and training Kuwaiti youth as ranked army officers.

Established in 1969, the Ministry of Defense has about 1,500 employees, excluding the forces. The Ministry works towards enhancing the skills and abilities of land, air and naval forces by sending them to military courses, both in Kuwait and abroad. Further, the Ministry allows for acceptance of qualified women in various Specialities such as the engineering and military facilities, moral guidance and public relations departments.

Kuwait’s Army is an active member of the ‘Peninsula Shield’ force, which is a joint force constituted by the GCC. It includes representative units from all the Council members. Military officials exchange visits and conduct joint maneuvers aiming at coordination and integration among themselves.