Corporate Associate

Corporate Associate members shall be those legal entities (not including proprietorships) that

  1. Are not eligible for Corporate Executive Membership, yet are associated with American business or products in one of the following manners:
  2. as the exclusive representative of one or more America products
  3. as the sole registered agent for an American individual or company providing products or services into Kuwait
  4. are directly involved in the sale of American products and/or services within Kuwait, and such sales represents a portion of the business done by such an entity.
  5. as a service provider, either as a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor at any tier, of any kind, to the US Government in Kuwait or the GCC Region.

Each Corporate Associate member may designate up to five (5) individuals who shall be registered with  ABCK as corporate members. The individuals so designated shall not be assessed dues in addition to those assessed against the corporate member.

Corporate Membership Annual Dues:

Corporate Associate – 1,000 KD