Chairman’s message

Dear ABCK-AmCham Kuwait and Friends,  


I am honored to have the privilege to serve as the Chairman of the American Business Council- AmCham Kuwait (ABCK). Thank you to all the wonderful members for your continued support, ABCK is ABCK because of you, and for you.


Since 1985, ABCK has been promoting and developing American business interests in the State of Kuwait. This fundamental goal remains the foundation to all that we do. We continue to serve our members through knowledge-sharing, networking, advocacy, economic and market insight, involvement with summits and conferences, access to key leaders and decision makers and much, much more. Over the last year ABCK has been involved in more than 40 events, summits and conferences.


ABCK continues to grow strong relationships with multiple agencies and organizations in order to be your business advocate. We are proud of our relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, working closely with their amazing leaders and staff to promote American-Kuwait trade and investment. We continue to work with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and were privileged to have met with several of their senior leaders to discuss business in Kuwait, and the Middle East. We are also proud to be working closely with the newly formed U.S.-Kuwait Business Council in Washington D.C., which will provide yet another means to address U.S.-Kuwait business and investment interests. We are happy to have great relationships with numerous Kuwaiti leaders and organizations as well, to include KDIPA which is dedicated to improving trade and investment, and its procedures in Kuwait. All of this is done to provide our members a voice in U.S.-Kuwait business!


In addition to our traditional events such as Back-to-Business, Thanksgiving, and the Annual Gala, ABCK will continue to hold its regular Speaker’s Series, business roundtables, networking events, as well as participate in other prominent events such as Discover America Week and local summits and conferences to provide our members the benefits, voice, knowledge and insight they deserve.


In recent years ABCK has seen exceptional growth in both Corporate and Individual membership. This can be largely attributed to the added value ABCK provides its members, and the amazing efforts of the Board of Directors and our phenomenal Staff.


ABCK continues to be dedicated to its members and their success, focused on promoting trade and investment between the U.S. and Kuwait, whiles helping build a better business environment for all. I look forward to serving as your Chairman in these amazing times!




Frank Belonus