Chairman’s message

Dear ABCK Members and Friends, 


Thank you for your continued support of the American Business Council Kuwait (ABCK).  It is with great honor that I have the opportunity to serve as the newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.

33 years ago, this great organization was founded to serve the American business community in the State of Kuwait. Having been a resident of Kuwait for over 20 years, I can proudly look back on ABCK’s valuable contribution to the Kuwait and American business community.

The founding mission of ABCK remains and we are here to serve you, the membership, with an invaluable forum where you can network and exchange business ideas. At ABCK you can share your Kuwait business experiences, and learn about the many economic horizons across several industries within the country.

We welcome both individual and corporate members, all of whom will have access to monthly events and resources that are relevant to the current economic affairs of both the US and Kuwait alike.

In recent years, ABCK has experienced continual organizational growth through an increase in both individual and corporate membership.  This is largely due to our high-quality speaker series and expanded presence on various social media platforms, as well as the hard work of our Board and Staff.  ABCK continues to attract new American corporations and individuals that enter the Kuwaiti market, and Kuwaitis with various relationships to the United States.

In addition to our traditional events such as the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and the Annual Gala, ABCK will be co-hosting the BF6 Summit 2018 alongside the five other business councils in Kuwait. The summit explores the issues that impact business affairs in the State of Kuwait.

I’d like to recognize the U.S. Embassy, Kuwait for their continued support of ABCK’s endeavors.


I can say with enthusiasm and confidence that the coming year will be a successful one and I look forward to serving this incredible organization.



Oswaldo Rueda