ABCK’s Back to Business Networking & Townhall Meeting 2019

The American Business Council- AmCham Kuwait is back to Business at full speed!


On Tuesday, the American Business Council Kuwait (AmChamQ8) kickstarted the year with their signature Back to Business networking event which was held at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa. In attendance was U.S Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Lawrence Silverman, and over 100 guests from the U.S. Embassy and ABCK community.


In his opening speech, Mr. Oswaldo Rueda, Chairman of the American Business Council, addressed the distinguished guests, “Welcome to our Annual Back to Business Networking Event and a special welcome to our Ambassador H.E Lawrence H. Silverman this evening.”


Mr. Rueda then called onto the stage the Honorable Mr. Silverman, U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait, for his address to the members of the community. Ambassador Silverman talked about his involvement with ABCK throughout the past 3 years and thanked ABCK for all their efforts: “Thank you to ABCK for being the voice of the business community for the past 35 years, and congratulations on increasing membership by 70%. I have no doubts that ABCK will continue to grow the trade relationship between the U.S. and Kuwait”.



He also added that the U.S. Embassy is currently working on new intellectual property laws for Kuwait and advocating practices that create a favourable business environment: “On June 24, the Kuwaiti parliament passed a new intellectual property law. Our Embassy will continue to promote these opportunities to U.S. businesses and work with the Kuwaiti government to ensure that U.S. companies have a fair and equal opportunity to win these government contracts.”


He then discussed some of the recent accomplishments and projects that the U.S. Embassy has been working on such as Discover America Week, educational programs that provide opportunities for Kuwaiti students to study in the United States, and the opening of EQUATE’s new MEGlobal Oyster Creek Factory in Texas which created thousands of jobs.


Mr. Rueda then presented a recognition award to Ambassador Silverman thanking him for all his contributions to ABCK throughout the years and wishing him well on his next endeavour: “Unfortunately, this will be the Ambassador’s last event with ABCK as he is departing Kuwait. We are very grateful for all his contributions to ABCK throughout the year, and he will be missed greatly”.



Following that, Mr. Oswaldo Rueda, and ABCK’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Frank Belonus, recognized the event sponsors: American International College, Marafie Kuwaitia, and Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa.  



Following that, ABCK Vice Chairman, Mr. Frank Belonus, then took the opportunity to invite guests to enjoy a buffet dinner and fruitful night of networking and meeting new contacts.


After dinner, a town hall meeting commenced where ABCK Vice-Chairman, Mr. Frank Belonus, and Executive Director, Mrs. Esra Cavdarli Menke briefed guests on the expansion plans for the business council while highlighting the major achievements in past years.


The event ended with concluding remarks by ABCK’s Vice Chairman, Frank Belonus.