ABCK Speaker Series – January 2019

Speaker Series January 22nd, 2019

“National Cyber Security Strategy in Kuwait’s Economy”               

American Business Council Kuwait, AmCham, has hosted its first monthly speaker series of 2019 at Four Seasons Hotel Burj Al Shaya on Mr. Mohammad Altura, Chief of IT for Communications Information Technology Regulatory Authority( CITRA) was the guest speaker for the event on Tuesday January 22nd of 2019.


The event kicked off with a networking reception followed by the remarks given by Vice Chairman Mr. Fred Shuaibi. Mr. Shuaibi has greeted all the distinguished members and specially acknowledged the recently joined Chairman’s Club Members; Al Mulla Exchange, Cisco, Zain, Warba Insurance and thanked them for their support to the organization.

Mr. Fred Shuaibi – Vice Chair, American Business Council Kuwait 


Mr. Mohammad Altura, Chief of IT for Communications Information Technology Regulatory Authority( CITRA)

Vice Chair invited the guest speaker on the floor for his presentation on the national cyber security strategy of Kuwait. Mr. Altura commented:

~According to the Global Risks Report 2018 provided by the World Economic Forum, Technological Security issues have increased in a large scale ‘’

Some of the topics addressed by Mr. Mohammad Altura were the adverse consequences of technological advances, the breakdown of critical information infrastructure and networks. Large Scale cyber-attacks are causing large economic damages, geopolitical tensions and widespread loss of trust in the internet.

Mr.Altura added; ‘’The National Computer Systems (NCS) vision is to assure and secure a resilient cyber space to safeguard the national interests of Kuwait. Its mission is to establish and promote a national cyber security structure, including capacity development, technical, legal policies and process/admin. with all critical National Infrastructure (CNI) to secure Kuwait ‘’

NCS objectives are to promote a culture of cyber security that supports safe usage of cyberspace, to continuously maintain the security of national assets, and to promote the cooperation and information exchange among local and international bodies in cyber security.

The current challenges being faced are the lack of cyber security policies and governance, as well as the absence of the cyber security capacity.

Mr. Altura believes that some of the elements of success for cyber security are to develop policies, cyber security trained expertise and cyber security leadership and sponsorship.

ABCK’s members then enjoyed an interactive session with Mr. Altura with very insightful questions and answers from Mr. Altura.


Vice Chairman Mr. Shuaibi thanked Mr.Altura and presented an appreciation plague for his support.


Mr. Altura with ABCK Board Members. (From right)Mr. Scott Geiger, Sr. Program Manager, Raytheon Kuwait, Ms. Esra Cavdarli Menke, Executive Director, ABCK, Mr. Fred Shuaibi, Vice Chair, ABCK, Mr. Jeff Hamilton, Sr. Commercial Officer, U. S. Embassy, Mr. Frank Belonus, President & CEO, Flacon Desert International.

Evening concluded with dinner and more networking.